Item P7 - Stanley No. 604 C. Bedrock Corrugated Heavy Smooth  Plane.

A very hard plane to find, this corrugated heavy smooth plane has the later type flat sides, a single April 9, 1910 patent date in the bed, and “Bedrock” embossed on the lever cap.  The blade logo is the Y SW trademark.  These features conspire to produce a manufacturing date of about 1923.  The plane is in quite nice condition with only some light pitting on the top end of the blade and a little moderate pitting at the front of the corrugated sole.  The knob and tote are without fault, and better than 90 percent of the shiny original japanning remains in the bed (the missing japanning is mostly on the upper parts of the inside walls.  It is a nice example.  Good+




 Price - $300.00


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