Item RR24 - Wood Straight Edge.  Dated 1809 & Initialed. 

This unique wood straight edge was crafted from a dense fine grain hardwood--likely Cuban Mahogany. It has a density greater than 1.0 (it sinks in cold water).  The stick is 18 1 inches long, inch thick and 1 5/16 inches wide.  The top edge is beveled and each end is indented with finger-fitting concavities that make it easy to lift straight up, off a surface.  The first 12 inches from the left are crudely marked at about one inch intervals with small notches.  I believe that making measurements was a secondary use for the tool, it being much more functional as a straight edge for drafting or for checking the flatness of a surface.  On its top side are inscribed several characters including letters, symbols and numerals.  These are deeply incised, having been carved with a sharp blade.  Together they read  (from left to right)  A    A + U   +  1809       a,  The letters and plus signs have serifs.  The calligraphy has a Germanic or Dutch look to it.  This suggests a toolmade by an early 19th century cabinet maker, perhaps in Philadelphia or the Hudson Valley of New York.  The back side is unmarked.  It is an outstanding candidate for a tool collection.  It is a very early American rule.  Fine.

Price -   $195.00

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