Item R4 - F. Curtis Stockbridge, MA (eagle mark) Screw Adjust Mortise Gage.

Milton Bacheller's encyclopedic study of American marking gages fails to pin point exactly who was “F. Curtis”. Since some of his gages (not this one) are marked “Stockbridge, Mass” this is were he worked, probably about 1850. Some of his gages (including this one) are marked with a stamp of a small eagle, with folded wings. Most have brass plating on the stem (this one does not). Curtis used brass thumbscrews on some of his gages that are quite distinctive (this is one of those). Not mentioned by Bacheller (but shown in his pictiures) is the unusually small diameter of the long screw that moves the mortise point. This example is quite nice, with very wide brass wear strips on the head. The wood is very dark, fine grained, and quite heavy. I suspect that it is Cuban mahogany. The mortise points are sharp. This scarce gage is worthy of a collection, and can also be used. Easily


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