Item R6 - Double-arm, Triple-wedge Lock Fancy Mortise Gage

I'm unaware of any manufactured marking gage of this sort, but I know of three that share the same idea. The first is a fancy two arm mortise gage pictured in Milt Bachellor's marking gage book (page 345) that shows a two arm marking gage the arms of whar are fixed and adjusted by a single brass wedge. This one has a burl fene with brass facing. It is not marked. The second is a gage, very similar in construction to the gage offered here, except that it was smaller, and made completely of whale bone. The third is this gage, unmarked and constructed having a complex fence of mahogany with of ogee molding on the back side, an inlaid and mitred decorative inlay in the middle of the fence backed by another mitred mahogany inlay. The two mahogany arms, each with its own point and captive wedge are locked by a third, central, mahogany wedge. The fence on this gage is 6 x 2 3/4 high and 1 3/8 thick. The arms are 9 long. One arm has been cut back to near its marking pin; probably to allow it to mark near an edge. There are tool box dings, but no other problems. Good+.



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