Item R6 - Blacksmith-Made Beam Caliper.

In the world of blacksmith made tools, this adjustable beam caliper is a gem. It has a fixed iron point and an adjustable one that is fixed with a brass thumb screw. The beam is 25 inches long, including the loop handle (in eyeglass form). The handle feels good in the hand, and can be used to hang from a peg in the shop. The beam (7/8 wide and 1/4 thick) is graduated (on only one side) for 19 inches from the fixed point with vertical chisel-made lines 1/4 apart. The inch intervals are indicated with hand stamps. At a couple of positions, the maker had to restamp where he had made errors. The tool is clearly hand forged, and likely was made in the early to mid 1800s. Likely made for use by a cooper or wheelwright, it is simply a great old tool. Fine.



        Price - $120.00

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