Item RB5  - Unmarked Sliding T Bevel Square with “swoosh” brass Inlay.

The inlaid brass device on the rosewood handle of this bevel gives it a little pizzazz and raises it above the ordinary. I see one of these every year or two, and this is the nicest one that I've ever had. The bevel is rosewood, with brass fittings, and a steel fixing thumb screw. The steel blade is 12 inches long and has only a very small amount of fine pitting. At least three Middletown, Ct. made similar bevels, all around 1850. The three were James H. Arnold, Merrick Nelson, and the partnership of Merrick and C.C. Hubbard My money right now is on Nelson & Hubbard. It is a nice bevel in excellent condition. Fine.

Price -  $35.00

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