Item RB9 - “Cam Lock” Type Bevel. 

Willis Ellis and Rufus Russell, both from Springfield, Mass, were awarded a patent for a carpenter’s bevel which used a recessed cam actuated lever to fix the bevel blade at any angle.  This “Ellis Patent” bevel was not greatly appreciated and examples today are quite rare.  Forty three years later, Nicholas McGrath and James Pratt received a patent—No. 1,121,195, Dec 15, 1914--for essentially the same idea, and this “Hold Fast” bevel was marketed successfully by the Southington, Hdw. Co. and today is not uncommon.  A characteristic of the McGrath patent was that the mechanism required the blade to be located off center in the thickness of the handle.  Ellis’ earlier mechanism did not require this asymmetry.  The bevel here is unmarked by maker or patent, and is obviously much older that a 1914.  It does not have the blade asymmetry in the handle, and the bras cam lever is different in shape from that of both the Ellis and McGrath patents.  The bevel has a 10 inch slotted blade (that has some spots of light pitting), and a rosewood handle that is trimmed with brass on both the upper and lower parts of the handle.  The extent of the brass trimming, its thickness, and the manner in which it is pinned to the rosewood unlike any that I’ve seen before.  It is a heavy and substantial bevel.  I presents an enigma.  There are a couple of splinters from the edges of the rosewood that are not trimmed with brass, but the bevel is in good working condition..  Good+




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