Item RR17 - Dated Machinist's Rule by Jeremiah Leah (Manchester, Eng) 1875

By any measure this is a remarkable steel rule, completely hand engraved by Jeremiah Leah of Manchester, England. The rule is 25 ¼ inches long and 1 ½ inches wide. The front side contains a 600 mm scale, with hand engraved marks at 100 mm intervals. The lower part contains a 24 inch scale, hand marked at 1 inch intervals, with gradations starting at 32 per inch and decreasing at intervals to 16, 12 and 8 per inch. This side is engraved with the owner's name, “O.O. Sorrell” 1875. The 'O's are problematical since they are engraved in a very ornate old English script that is difficult for me to decipher. In hand engraving at the right side is:

J. Leah, maker, Queens R. Manchester. The reverse side includes several scales, the main one being a 24 inch scale the gradations of which increase from 10 per inch to 100 per inch. The upper part of this is broken at the 12 inch mark with a table of architect scales ranging from 1/8” per foot to 1 1/2” per foot. All of the numbers are again hand engraved. The maker of this rule was Jeremiah Leah, who is recorded in the Ree's “Rule Book” as having made a German Silver 6” rule in Manchester in 1876. I can find little else about Jeremiah Leah, except that he was born in 1830 in Stockport, Cheshire, married Maria Waterhouse, and they had7 children. This is an interesting early rule. Fine

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