Item S1 - Spear & Jackson (Sheffield) 10 Open Handle Dovetail Saw

This classic dovetail saw is marked by the longtime (1830-1910) premier Sheffield maker of saws, Spear & Jackson. This example has a 10 blade, completely straight under a steel spine. It has a depth, under the spine of about 1 7/8 and is filed, crosscut, filed 16 ppi. It is sharp enough to use, but needs some touching up. The blade has small spots of tarnish, but no meaningful pitting. The beech handle has no cracks or chips, with nice horns. There are two brass saw screws with split nuts. It likely dates from the 1870s, or earlier. The blade is well within the dovetail range of thicknesses, and measures 20 thousandths thick on my micrometer.  Fine


Price - $75.00

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