Item S15 - Disston Mitre Box Saw. 28” x 5” Etched for Goodell Pratt.




Just about the nicest mitre box saw that I've had, this one is for the larger mitre boxes, having a 28” blade (26” edge length nearly 5” blade depth), and an apple handle with four brass saw screws and a Disston/Phila handle that dates to the 1920s or 30s. Nearly all the original finishes are on the handle and most of the bluing remains on the spinee. The spine and medallion are marked by Disston, but the blade has a near perfect etching:

“Made Expressly For

The filing is 11 ppi, crosscut, and it is sharp enough to use out of the box. A light cleaning will put it right to use. Fine

              Price -$45.00

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