Item S4 - Henry Disston & Sons No. 12 Hand Saw. Uncommon Ship Saw Model.

This premium grade (extra refined) Disston Hand Saw is an interesting one that is not often encountered. It is a 26 inch saw that is filed 7 ppi rip. The handle is apple, wheat carved, and has no cracks or chips The upper and lower horns are full length and proper for a No. 12 saw. The original etch is light, but completely readable. The blade has moderate tarnish and is straight, but can use a cleaning. It has a raised “Phila” brass medallion, proper for a Number 12 made in the 1917-40 era. But this saw is etched with the model number, “12”, not with “D-12” appellation used affer 1928, narrowing its date to 1917-1928. Yet this saw has no nib (that wasn't eliminated from the No. 12 until after 1928. The final oddity is that the blade of this saw is more narrow that that usually seen in No 12 hand saws. The saw plate is 6 1/2” deep at the heel, and only 1” deep at the toe. While the saw has suffered some narrowing from use, the placement of the etching (which is not that low), and especially the placement of the fileing stamp near the heel (which is well above the teeth), show that this saw was made with a narrow blade—but one that is not marked with the “lightweight” style that appeared about 1928. It conforms to the “ship” narrow blade model that Disston produced in apparently small numbers from as early as 1848. This model is best known from the No. 7 ship model that is marked on the etching of that model. But Disston also made these more narrow bladed saws within the No. 12, 16, D-8, and D-100 models in the early 1900s, but did not mark them on the blades. These saws are distinguished by their more narrow blades, and the absence of the nib. This is one of the scarce examples. It is filed 7 ppi rip and it is straight.  Easily Good+

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