Item S6 - Henry Disston & Son. No. 7 Hand Saw. 



This “one Son” saw dates to between 1865 and 1871 when Henry Disston’s oldest son, Hamilton, became his father’s only (saw making) business partner.  Both the etching (100% readable) and the recessed saw medallion agree on the singular, “Son.”  The no. 7 saw is completely proper with beech handle, nib, and straight blade.  The blade is relatively deep,  26 inches long and is filed 8 ppi, cross cut.  There is tarnish on the blade and it has scattered light pitting that won’t  affect use.  The beech handle has four brass saw screws with solid heads and split nuts.  The upper horn has been shortened by some chipping.  It is a scarce saw.  Good+

Price -  $110.00

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