Item S7 - Henry Disston & Son No. 9 Panel Saw.


The Disston No. 9 saw was made between the 1840s and through WWI. Being made of “Extra London Spring” steel, it was a premier saw. Easily recognizable by the hand hold lunate cutout (like the number) 12, the apple handle does not have wheat carving. This example of the No. 9 is in the panel size. Its blade measures 17 inches long. Disston made No. 9 panel saws in 16, 18, 20” etc sizes. Because of this, I believe that this saw was cut down from and 18 or even 20” saw. The blade is deeply tarnished but has no pitting. The etching is almost completely readable with a hand lens, and the etching clearly shows that it is a “Henry Disston & Son” with the saw blad made sometime in the 1865-71 interval. The sunken medallion is of the type (“Sons”) used after 1871, so we can surmise that the saw was put together shortly after 1871. The apple handle is dark with use and age, and upper and lower horn are shortened, the former especially. Near the top of the blade, at the heel, a former owner, George L. Wilcox, stamped his name. This is an interesting saw. Good.




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