Item S8 Henry Disston & Sons No. D115 . WWI Victory Saw.  Scarce.  Good  $50.00

During WWI, Disston revised its D115, Rosewood handle “ Diamond Jubilee” commemorative hand saw to one with a skew back design with an elaborate etching showing an eagle flying in front of a series of 9 flags over a Liberty Bell.  While this saw model became known as a “Victory” saw, that usage mostly came during the 1940s when the “V” was introduced to the etch.  The early versions had rosewood handles, which changed in design about 1928.  This example is the early one, with older style handle.  It has a nice rosewood handle with some loss to the upper horn.  The toe of the saw has a little kink at its upper corner, and a break that has been filed straight at the lower corner.  The happy news is that the blade, while darkly tarnished has no rust, and retains a nearly perfect “Victory” etching.  It is filed a very fine 12 tpi crosscut, which is its original marked filing.  The blade is dead straight.  It is a scarce saw.  Good.








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