Item SC6 - F. A. Howard & Son, Allard's Patent Spiral Screw Driver.

The research of Cliff Fales has pretty well cleared up the confusion about the origin and features of early patent screw drivers ( ). Those manufactured by Howard, and then Howard & Son, on either side of 1890 come out the winners. This example of Howard's 1892 patent, modeled after two earlier ones by Allard, is in unusually nice condition. The hard wood handle is clean and retains much of its original redd stain. The brass ferrule is marked with the name of “F. A. Howard & Son” dating the tool to between 1895 and 1901. The Howard patent date of March 1, 1892 is clear. These early screw drivers had no reverse action nor ratchet. This one drives clockwise on the downstroke, and recycles easily. The length of the the spiral is about 4 inches. The colllet type chuck will grip round shanked bits that are about ¼” diameter. It is great example for a collection. Fine.


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