Item SC8 - Stanley Yankee No. SP135A Spiral Ratchet Screw Driver.

Before Stanley took over the North Brothers’ Yankee line of tools in the middle 1940s, some of the regular Yankee drill models were equipped with a flanged chuck shell that represented a finger guard at the bottom of the turning spiral cut shaft.  Joe Ward, in his definitive  book, “North Brothers Mfg. Co. Product Guide” pictures this finger guard and notes, “At one time or other, probably all the [North Brothers]wood handled screw drivers were produced with a funnel-shaped upper chuck.  I am not sure of the purpose of his variation in design.”  North Brothers did not indicate any distinct model number for the drivers having this.  But this is the first example of a Stanley-made Yankee screw driver with the finger guard, and it has the “special number’ SP135A that may designate it.  The screw driver is in near new condition.  It also is equipped with a soft rubber square placed over the upper barrel of the tool—likely to keep it from rolling from a bench top.  It is probably a user-added modification and can easily be removed.  Fine.

Price -   $40.00.

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