Item SCR10 - Small Round Baleen Ditty Box. 

This plain round Shaker-style box has sides formed from a single piece of whale (probably Right Whale) baleen.  The box has no lid, and there is no evidence that it ever had one.  The baleen is not engraved, but the overlapping section is formed into “fingers” and is fastened with non ferrous rivets.  The box originally had three fingers, but the bottom one has been broken off.  The baleen has very little insect damage and suffers only a 3” split, midway from the base of the middle finger.  The bottom is made from a single piece of soft wood, probably white pine.  It is one of the smallest baleen boxes that I’ve seen, being only 3 ¼ inches in diameter and 1 7/8 inches high.  It took skill and patience to bend baleen to such a small radius.  It is easily Good.



Price - $120.00

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