Item SCR14 - Carved Coconut Shell.  Dated 1888. 

This large coconut shell is completely covered with fine carvings of stylized carvings of flowers and vines, with large representations of what might be a jaguar and a parrot-like tropical bird.  The shell is 7 inches high and 4 ½ inches diameter.  There is a rectangular cutout on one side that is 2 ¾ inches long and two inches wide.  This could have been form mounting a picture, but its orientation with banner and national symbols below it suggest that the shell could have been used as a planter for flowers or other vegetation.  The banner below the cutout reads, “Nicaragua Central (Delia) [outstretched hand] Rivas 1888”.  Below the banner is an encircled emblem that includes a triangle similar to that seen on the flag of Nicaragua, but with the addition of  what appear to be weapons (machetes, bayonets,  spears) projecting from behind it).  “Delia” appears to be a surname and “Rivas” could be as well.  But Rivas is also a municipality with a population of about 40,000 on the western side of lake Nicaragua.  Rivas is but a short distance from the open Pacific Ocean on the isthmus of Rivas that separates the lake from the ocean.  The hand reaching out in friendship from Delia to Rivas, combined with the weapon enriched national symbol suggests an attempt to resolve a family feud in 1888.  The shell was most likely brought to the US by a whaling seaman.  Interesting, decorative, and Fine.






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