Item SCR15 - Robert Spring Scrimshaw Whale Tooth.  1977.  Whaling Brig 

Robert Spring, a contemporary and well known scrimshander was born in 1938 in Wisconsin and died last year (2016) in Maine.  He was an artist, sculptor, as well as a scrimshander and won many awards for his art.  He began producing scrimshaw in the late 1960s and continued until just a few years ago.  This fine example of his work features a beam view of  a full brig, with whale boat in the starboard stern davits, with all sails set on a serene sea.  The subdued palette includes maroon rigging and sea birds, black hull and dark blue sea.  It is a simple scene that takes advantage of the shape of the 5 tooth to present it as the shape of a sperm whale.  It is signed, R. Spring.  77, making it a fairly early example of his scrimshaw.  It is an excellent example by a noted and collectible scrimshaw artist.

Price -  $400.00

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