Item SCR16 - Whale Skeletal Bone Fid.

This fid is unusually slim for its length, giving it a nice “look.” The fid is made of heavy whale skeletal bone—very dense—and is simply but effectively decorated at its top by two rings, about ¼ inch apart. These are carved rings, not lathe turned. The fid is about 13 inches in length, and only 1 ¼ inch in diameter at the top. Formed by scraping, it tapers to a relatively sharp point that should facilitate its work with smaller cordage. There is a small drying crack at the head that was partially filled a long time ago. The fid has been used, and has the tar marks to proove it, along with grommet marks from their setting. It surely was sailor made, and sailor used in the 19th century. Fine.


Price - $625.00

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