Item SCR3 - Whale Bone Blade Bevel.  Sailor Made.

This bevel was surely made by a 18th or 19th century craftsman, perhaps a whale man.  The bevel features a 9 ¾” blade made out of whale skeletal bone (most likely from the mandible of a Sperm Whale), and a very fine grain, furniture grade, mahogany handle.  The blade is ¼ inch thick, and 1 ¼” wide, with the beveled end being at a 15 degree angle, like the older style manufactured bevels.  This blade is fastened to the handle with an old steel round head screw that is backed by a brass nut that has been hand filed into a rough pentagon that is recessed into the handle.  The handle is 8 3/16” long, 1/14” wide, and is 15/16” thick.  The side faces of the handle are smooth from wear and very fine grained.  Each side has an old,, worn incuse owner’s mark with postage stamp edged, but the included initials are worn away.  But under magnification they appear to include the first initial, "K".    This is very much in the style of owner stamps seen commonly on late 18th century wood planes.  Since the same stamp is applied to both sides of the handle, it is evident that it has not been repurposed from a different sort of tool.  Both the handle and the bone blade have signs of wear and use, included minor chips and edge wear.  The blade is not slotted, and so is not in the more modern from of a sliding T-bevel.  It is a charming old tool.  Fine.






Price -  $300.00

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