Item SCR3 - Whale Skeletal Bone Fid. 10 1/4 Long

Clearly a genuine whaler's fid, this slim one is of a size and wear condition of one worked on sails as well as cordage. The tool is 10 1/4 long, with a maximum diameter of nearly 1 inch at the top. It is clearly tapered by hand scraping, and is formed from whale skeletal bone (sperm whale pan bone) from a more cancellous portion of the jaw. The top 3 inches of the tool is not tapered, and at that mark there is a hand carved groove around the fid. Below that point is is tapered to a worn point. The wear near the bottom includes scarification from setting grommets in sails, as well as cordage wear. It is an honest tool, showing lots of ship board experience. Fine.





Price - $325.00

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