Item SCR4 - Sculpted Bird.  Whale Tooth.

A fine piece of scrimshaw, this 4” whale tooth was carved in the 1960s by Manuel Francisco Moniz Simas (Born, 1942) of San Miguel, Azores.    Simas was a well-known carver who is discussed in “Man and the Sea” by J. A. Gomes Viera (2003).  One of the Azores’ more prolific whale ivory carvers, he produced hundreds of objects including many religious items as well as canes.  Two of his carvings are in the collection of the New Bedford Whaling Museum, including one of a bird, very much like this example.  The bird (probably a murre-like sea bird) has a long, curved bill.  It is carved just on one side, and is very effectively done.  It is signed, “M. Simas / Acores.”  An authentic piece of scrimshaw, it is in fine condition. 

 Price - $125.00

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