Item SCR8 - Sailor Made  Walrus Ivory Marking Gage.

This wonderful example of a Sailor made tool has a stem  expertly crafted from walrus ivory, showing its diagnostic "oatmeal" secondary ivory, the threaded fixing thumb screw is also walrus ivory.  the fence, however is crafted from a single Sperm whale tooth, showing an unusual cluster of characteristic nodules that pass through the center, from one side to the other. The only metal is the iron marking point which has been properly finished as a sharp cutting edge, rather than a scratching point. The gage has a stem (arm) that is almost 9 inches long and is about 13/16”square.  The movable fence or head is from a piece of whale ivory  that is 2” x 2 1/2” x 7/8”. It was cut transversely through the tusk, showing the nodules in cross section. The thumb screw was expertly tapped and threaded. It works perfectly and makes a solid fitting between fence and stem that holds the gage firmly in its set position. There is a bow in the stem from seasoning that does not impede use of the gage.    It is rare to find a marking gage that is formed from both Sperm and Walrus ivory.  Fine.

          Price -. $950.00

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