Item SCR9 - Scrimshaw Measuring Stick or Straight Edge.

This sailor-made stick is made in the same fashion as the familiar textile yard sticks made by whale men as gifts for their wives, sisters, mothers etc. The form is of a tropical hardwood flat stick, capped at each end with whale ivory, with yard fractions designated by inlays or other markers. This stick is constructed the same way, with whale ivory ends on a dark tropical hardwood stick that is 5/8 wide and 5/16 thick. The total length is 13 5/16 (just 12, not counting the ivory end caps. There are two diamond-shaped whale bone inlays about 4 inches apart on one side of the stick, and about the same distance from each capped end. In terms of yards, these marks could desigate measuremens of 1/8, and 3/8 yards from one end. If not used as a measuring tool, this could have been made as a straight edge (but there is no beveled edge), or even perhaps as a small winding stick. It is a handsome and showy piece for a collection. Fine.


   Price - $120.00

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