Item WC6 -  Repro Sheath for a Double Flue Harpoon.

This is the second example of this harpoon sheath that I've seen. The first had me so convinced of its reality that, finding it listed in the collection of the Mystic Seaport Museum, and thinking that it might have been stolen, I call Paul Opecko, the curator to see if it still existed in his collection. It did, and he requested a picture for him to see. I did, and he reported that he learned that about 50 years ago someone had made a few copies of the original for sale in the museum's gift shop. There could not have been many made, for he had not known of it, and I've now only seen two. The sheath is in a heart-shaped form, 5 1/2” long and 5 1/2” wide at the top. There is a purfled groove around the outside on both sides. An chip, found on the top edge of the original is reproduced. The front reads 'Ship Science” over two crossed harpoons, and “The Tickler” with “1838” and a down pointed harpoon head below. The reverse side, within another purfled groove has three vertical harpoons, and the designation, “L Q” (for Larboard Quarter), and “Boat.” The ship Science was a fairly famous whaler on two counts. First, she was the only whale ship to made voyages from Portland, Maine. Her two Portland voyages were 1834-1838 (Pacific, 2100 bbls Sperm oil), and 1838-1841 (New Zealand, 300 bbls Sperm, 3100 whale oil). The Science was sold to New Bedford and made a third voyage, 1844-47 to the NW Coast and then drops from sight. The second reason for fame is that the Science was seen in the Galapagos Islands, by none other that Charles Darwin, who reported in his journal of his famous voyage of the HMS Beagle. He reported that the Science was an impressively large and handsome whale ship, equipped with as many as nine whale boats as it passed the Beagle. With this story, this expertly reproduced harpoon sheath, cast out of some wood composition, makes an interesting conversation piece. Easily Good+


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