Item WC8 - Wm. N. Nye (New Bedford, MA) Clock Oil.  IOB.

A treasure for collectors as well as for those who want the very finest of natural clock oil, this small screw top bottle of clock oil is in its original pasteboard box with fine writing on all four sides of the box. The flap top is missing, but all of the writing and picture is there. The Nye oil company of New Bedford was long the largest producer of Sperm Whale oil and other fine oils. The company is still in business today, but produces only synthetic oils, including notably the lubricant used in most ball point pens. This clock oil was long a product of Nye, but one of its finest oils and was not produced from Sperm Whale oil, but rather the oil from porpoise and pilot whales, particularly that which was obtained from the lower jaws of the animals. These cetaceans have an echo locating mechanism that is enabled by their reception of the echoes of ultrasonic sounds beamed from their heads. The very faint echoes reach the sound reception area of their brains, not through the ear drums and middle ears like most mammals, but through oil filled channels in their lower jaws that impinged on their inner ears. The purity of this oil was enhanced in a refining process that subjected the oil to very low temperatures to remove all of the waxes extraneous to the oil. When the oil in this bottle was refined the mechanical refrigeration needed for this was not available, and Nye required refining it in natural temperatures that fell below -20F. The text on this bottle's box states this, but does not note that the company maintained a refinery near Burlington, Vt where this occurred. The oil in this bottle is a little darkened, and a bit less than half of the original oil is present. It is a scarce example of a sought after Nye product. Good+






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