Item WP11 - Unmarked Ship Builder’s Smooth Plane. 

This fairly slim smooth plane appears to be made of live oak or of a similar dense hard wood.  The hardness, density, and grain pattern speaks of mesquite, which was favored by New England makers of caulking mallets.  The plane body is almost 8 inches long, with a 2 ” width at the shoulders.  It has a perfect wedge of the same wood as the body.  The double blade is marked by the Humphreysville Mfg. Co. of Seymour, Conn.   It is 1 9/16” wide, and is clean and long.  The wood, the shape, and the double blade, marked by a U.S. maker all speak of a New England origin, and was probably made by a ship carpenter.  The only apology is a little chipping to the wood at the back of the mouth, which is of no real concern.  Fine


   Price  -   $75.00

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