Item CP4 -Stanley No. 7 Jointer Plane.  Type 2 (1869-72)

A scarce plane, the second type of the Stanley Bench planes are often the choice of experienced wood workers due to their greater mass.  For example, this plane weighs a full 7  pounds while many later types weigh a full pound less.  This example has nearly all of the attributes of the type except for apparent replacement of the frog screws, and probably the tote (which has a repaired crack).  The japanning in the bed has been enhanced.  All else appears correct.  The beaded front knob, the solid bass blade adjustment knob with Bailey’s name, the solid backed lever cap, and a host of small features mark it as of the type, made within a year or two around 1870.  There are no corrosion or crack problems with the metal.  It is a nice example.  Good+

Price -  $150.00

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