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Being an inveterate auction goer, looking mainly for North Bros tools, I frequently see stuff that looks too nice to fall into unknowledgeable hands. These are things that should be circulated among people who can use them for their intended purpose--not to be hung on a restaurant wall (or worse). And sometimes I buy box lots for an item I need, and end up with things I don't (need). What follows is a list of tools acquired in this way. Generally beyond giving these tools a wipe with mineral spirits, there has been little attempt to clean, sharpen, or tune them. I've tried to describe accurately their type characteristics, their obvious flaws, and their general condition in accordance with the FTJ grading system. Click on the item number for complete description and picture. The terms are oldtools (say what you want: I send: you like, you pay cost plus shipping: you no like, you return) for members of the oldtools list who have listed bios, and for EAIA and M-WCTA members. Others can contact me by email to negotiate a method.  I accept PayPal payments and payment by personal check or money orders.

You can visit the complete forsale list by clicking here, or jump to various sections in the following menu:        (address all orders and questions to )

Metallic & Transitional Planes              Wooden Planes

Drawknives, Chisels, Etc.                     Boring Tools

Machinist's Tools                                  Measuring Tools & Levels

Saws                                                      Miscellaneous (Wrenches, Hammers, etc)