Item D21 - Watrous & Co. Adjustable Handle Draw Knife.

The Nobles Mfg. Co. manufactured well known braces and draw knives in Elmira, New York.   These draw knives have distinctive adjustable (non-folding) handles,  that were patented on Dec. 15, 1857 (No. 18, 1877) by Richard Watrous, who was a worker in the Nobles Mfg. Co.  After the Nobles company went out of business Richard Watrous apparently went on to make the draw knives that were the subject of his patent, as well as the so-called Watrous auger bits also a subject of one of his patents.  These tools were then made by the Watrous CoŚmaker of this example   This style draw knife was subsequently produced by the James Swan Co,  E. C. Jennings, and probably others.   This example of the Watrous patent has a 9 inch edge length, and a 17 Ż inch wing span.  The blade is clean, without pitting, and is marked only with some splotchy tarnish.  The walnut handles, with brass ferrules are in great shape.  It is a nice patent draw knife.  Fine 


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