Item M22 - Syracuse Wrench Co. Champion Ratchet Wrench Set No. 1 IOB

The Syracuse Wrench Co. was in business from 1907 to 1923.  While you see socket wrench sets all the time, usually from makers like Mossberg, they are often incomplete, dirty and well worn.  This set, however is complete, very little used, and is in its original oak, finger jointed oak box, with a pristine interior label.  The set contains a fully nickel plated wrench body stamped with the Syracuse name and Dec. 17, 1907 patent date (also on the paper label), a depth extension 8 inches long, and two sets of sockets with heads for square and hex headed bolts.  These are marked for bolts with shank sizes ranging from to inch.  The only fault with the set is a missing top to the closing latch on the box and hinges that need help.  Fine.




Price - $90.00


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