Item M24 - Wilton (Chicago) No. 825 “Bullet” Machinist's Vise.

A desirable machinist's and general purpose bench vise, this one—in the “baby 2 1/2” jaw size is a treasure for anyone needing a quality smooth working vise. This one comes with the swivel base, with double locks. Much of the original blue finish remains, although the vise is on the greasy side and needs a good cleaning. The jaws open to 3 ˝ inches. The hex nut swivel locks are a bit dinged, and the sliding rods also slightly bent, but all works fine. The vise overall is 9 inches long, and about 5 inches wide at the base. It is marked “Wilton / Chicago USA” and “250” (in the casting on one side), and the same on the other, except “101009” replaces the “250” at the base of the fixed jaw, and “825” is cast in the movable jaw. “900002” is stamped on the base of the turning screw to move the jaws. There is no date stamp on the keyway to position the jaw, and I expect the vise was made before date stamps were used (1941-44). It is in good working order. Good+




Price -   $350.00

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