Item M25 - Lignum Vitae Coaster Set.

A prize for any lignum vitae tool collector (and the spouse as well). This set of thinly turned coasters are each 3 1/8 inches diameter and sit just 5/16 high, including a raised rims. The thin and delicate coasters are quite a testimony to the skill of the turner. The six coasters nest inside box, also turned from lignum that has a base 5 inches diameter that stands 2 inches high. All of the pieces have raised rims and decoration in the form of concentric circles. Apparently these were originally made with silver nickel-sized silver coins adorning the centers of the top and each coaster. I purchased them from a man who had popped out these coins for his personal gain and had replaced them with new shiny copper pennies. I thought that they looked cheap and terrible! I had the pennies professionally replaced with central disks of bone, abalone shell, walrus ivory, tortoise shell, mother of pearl (2 types) and whale ivory. Now they look much better and are far more interesting. This is a great looking set of coasters. Fine.


Price - $125.00

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