Item M30 - Boardman's Patent Combination Tool.

Byron Boardman of Norwich, Ct patented this tool on July 10, 1866 as an improvement to an 1865 patent. It was originally manufactured by Boardman in 4 5/8 and 6 sizes (this is the 6 one), and later by Tower & Lyons in both 8 & 10 inch sizes. This is the original Boardman product. It uniquely inclues a hammer, nut and pipe wrench functions, screw driver, and wrench socket that doubles to hold any bit stock tool (e.g. screwdriver, reamer, auger bit twist drill bit etc). The wrench jaws open to a maximum gap 1 1/4 The tool is in fine working condition, but has lost most of its original finish. The side plate is clearly marked with the patent date, but fine pitting has obscured Boardman's name and location. It is a scarce tool for the collector. Good+



Price - $130.00

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