Item S3 - Barber & Genn (Sheffield) Brass Back Saw.




Barber, Genn & Co. are listed as having made saws in Sheffield from1787 through 1817. This unusual saw has a blade length of 18 inches, and is supported by a brass spine—maybe the longest one that I've seen. Miter saws with brass backs must be quite rare. The tarnished blade is 2 5/8' deep at the toe and 3 3/8” at the heel. The blade has very little pitting. The brass back is deeply stamped “Barber&Genn / Cast Steel). The cross cut filing is quite ragged, with uneven hand filing and a few teeth missing. A refiling is in order. The beech handle is worn, with the upper horn well shortened, and a check through uppermost screw head on the left side. The split nuts enclose very large diameter threaded piece—perhaps the thickest screw stem that I've seen on any saw. This alone suggests great age. The history of Barber & Genn has been discussed on several saw websites, and there is a suggestion that the name was use by Ibbottson or others late into the 19th century. However, the long brass back on this saw, the use of “cast steel” in the mark, the wear on the flat bottom handle, and the thick stem saw screws all argue for substantial age of this saw, perhaps 200 years. Good.


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