Item WP21 - Unmarked Rosewood Coffin Smooth Ship Plane

This solid rosewood coffin smooth plane was surely made by a New England ship’s carpenter.  It is stamped one side with two names, “I. Wood” and “E. ? Taber”.  Taber is a common New Bedford surname; the plane was found near New Bedford, and  probably that area was its origin.  The plane is 8 inches long, 2 5/8” wide and 2 5/8” deep.  The body is solid, with no cracks except for one small one parallel to the side in the wedge mortise wall.  The wedge is also made of rosewood, and has some chipping on the top and edges.  The blade is 2 inches wide, has a screw on cap iron, and is marked, “”Winscow & ??”. a name that I’ve not encountered before.  It is a nice plane of its type, and will work well.  Good+


                 Price -  $40.00

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