M13 - Elaborate Sheath Knife with Becket.


Outstanding. Fine.This smaller knife (the double edge blade is blade five inches long and up to 1 1/8 inches wide) has a striking tropical hardwood hilt with a turned finial and contrasting areas of dark heartwood and lighter sapwood. The sheath is crafted from two sorts of leather---smooth dark maroon with tooling, and alternate bands of bleached crocodile. The top band of the sheath has a braided leather loop with a captive becket composed of braided and wound dark leather to form a loop for hanging the knife. The blade is unmarked except for a couple of scribed transverse lines near its top. The only marking on the sheath is a faint one that seems to read, “Khartoom / 1951 (or 7)”. It is an extremely decorative knife for a collection. Fine.







 Price - $200.00 

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