Item S12 - Henry Disston & Sons No. 7 Hand Saw









This No. 7 saw has a 26 inch straight blade with nib and an easily readable etching. The blade is decently deep and has been cleaned enough to see that there is very little fine pitting, and no damage. The handle has 4 brass saw screws with slotted nuts and a medallion that carries the “Philada” label typical of those used by Disston from about 1887 to 1918. The slightly domed screw heads and pronounced carved lambs tongue on the handle argue for a date early in the medallion's history. The handle has been bumped about, has some initials lightly stamped in it, and does have one crack on the underside of the upper horn. The filing is 8ppi rip, with lots of rake. It will be a nice user saw. Good+

Price - $60.00

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