Item S12 - Spear & Jackson (Sheffield) Old & Large Rip Saw

This 1870s Sheffield saw has some moderate pitting at the toe, back to the nib that does not reach the teeth below. It shouldn't affect use. Otherwise the saw is very nice with a deep 28” blade (8” deep at the heel) that is filed 4 ½ ppi rip. The saw plate is straight, somewhat mottled with tarnish and some very fine pitting, but has a very clear Spear & Jackson arched stamp, with a light “cast steel” underneath. The beech wood handle is near perfect with the old straight drop at the top and perfect long upper and lower horns. The four solid head saw bolts with spanner nuts (one may have been replaced) include a Spear and Jackson sunken medallion. The saw dates from at least the 1870s and is a heavy saw that will rip the toughest of woods. Easily Good.



Price - $45.00

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